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Didi Han 

Born and raised in Seoul, Didi Han is a Producer and DJ currently living in Paris. She started DJing after being a music director for fashion shows and curating the soundtrack for fashion week in Korea. After a few years in playing in the underground scene in Seoul, she performed for Boiler Room on two separate occasions, leading to tours in Asia and Europe. She released her first track in 2019 and a 5 track EP Wale Up on French label Roche Musique in 2020. Her tracks fuse elements of hip hop jazz and house. 

Louise Chen 

I first came across Louise while scrolling through Instagram and seeing a college classmate backstage at Louise’s show in LA. 

Louise Chen is half-Taiwanese and half-French with deep musical roots encompassing classic & modern house, disco, should, hip pop, & more. She made a name for herself in Paris in 2012, with her collective and night Girls, Girls, Girls, providing a safe space for women to express themselves on the DJ decks and the dance floor.

She currently resides in London and is a resident at NTS Radio and Corsica Studios.

My college classmate still hasn’t replied to my DMs, but at least she didn’t block me from following her.