Hailing from Taipei, Taiwan, a city with a thriving nightlife that goes until the wee hours of the morning, Yuka grew up with the birth of the electronic music scene in Asia in the late 90s. With a mix of Chinese, Dutch, and Japanese ancestry, Yuka has been influenced by a variety of musical traditions. As she grew up, Yuka became serious about making her own music and started DJing in London in Camden Town, training at the London Sound Academy.

“We need music so we don’t forget that there are places in this world that aren’t made out of stone. As it has across the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and China, or as it did across the Berlin Wall between West Berlin and East Berlin, music has the ability to transcend any borders. I have been asked many times why I became a DJ, and the answer is to use music to connect all people. I had a childhood dream of becoming a conductor in an orchestra or a choir, so I never thought I would become a DJ. I surprised myself by making my musical dream come true in another way."

Her musical style is influenced by Aphex Twin and Björk, and she likes 90’s acidic, psychedelic, and oriental rhythms. Her sets are a mix of genre-overlapping styles, telling a story and creating a formidable musical journey. Immersed in a multi-cultural and conflicted atmosphere, her experience in Eastern and Western cultures inspires her creation of music. 

While living in London, she effortlessly bridged the underground to the mainstream in a male-dominated industry. She has played alongside artists like Cosmic Gate, The Crystal Method, Audien, Donald Glaude, and Eric Prydz to name a few, all while playing in premiere venues and nightclubs all over London, East Asia, and North America. 

Yuka’s career highlights include: playing on the Insomniac Camp OG stage at EDC Las Vegas, playing at Ministry of Sound (London), and playing at Oil (Shenzhen). 

In 2019, she founded the artist exchange program Nu Tekno (女樂) and has been hosting events regularly since 2020. Nu Tekno currently has monthly residencies at the Endup, Lion’s Den, and Mars Bar in San Francisco.



The Cause (London, UK) 

RoadTrip and The Workshop (London, UK) 

Number 90 (London, UK) 

Factory 45 (London, UK) 

White Post (London, UK) 

Vortex (London, UK) 

Cafe 1001 (London, UK) 

Troubadour (London, UK) 

Humboldthain Club (Berlin, DE) 

Kaffee Burger (Berlin, DE) 

Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) 

Troost (Brooklyn, NY) 

Jupiter Disco (Brooklyn, NY) 

DOHM Collective (New Orleans, LA) 

Downtown Berkely BART Plaza (Berkeley, CA) 

Cal Shakes (Berkeley, CA) 

Los Globos (Los Angeles, CA) 

1015 Folsom (San Francisco, CA) 

Lion's Den (San Francisco, CA) 

The Midway SF (San Francisco, CA) 

Monarch SF (San Francisco, CA) 

Asiento SF (San Francisco, CA) 

Audio (San Francisco, CA) 

Hawthorn SF (San Francisco, CA)  

Monroe SF (San Francisco, CA)  

Bergerac (San Francisco, CA) 

The Dorian (San Francisco, CA) 

The EndUp (San Francisco, CA) 

Northern Ducks (San Francisco, CA) 

The Mars Bar (San Francisco, CA) 

Butter (San Francisco, CA)

Be Bubbly Napa Valley  (Napa, CA)

Napa Valley Marriott Hotel (Napa, CA)

The Madrona Hotel (Healdsburg, CA)

BloodRoot Wines (Healdsburg, CA)

Furthermore Wines (Healdsburg, CA) 

Fern Bar (Sebastopol, CA)  

The Ruin (Sebastopol, CA)  

Kosho Sushi (Sebastopol, CA)  

HopMonk Tavern (Sebastopol, CA)  

Aloft SFO (Millbrae, CA)

Arlene Francis Center (Santa Rosa, CA) 

Shady Oak Barrel House (Santa Rosa, CA) 

Whiskey Tip (Santa Rosa, CA) 

Double Check (Taipei, TW) 

23 Music Room (Taipei, TW) 

Curfew (Shanghai, China) 

Oil (Shenzhen, China) 

Bad Habit (Guangzhou, China)