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Who? THE HU 

When someone first told me about the band the Hu, I thought they were talking about the Who. It was a late Saturday night at the Endup one night when Yuka was spinning and after hours was filling up with young Asians. I did not recognize this crowd and being the extrovert, I am started talking to them asking them if they had gone out before Ending up here.  They told me they were at a concert at Shoreline seeing a band called THE HU. 

What do you get when you combine traditional Mongolian guttural singing with heavy metal guitar playing? The Who? No, THE HU from Mongolia. Their debut album in 2019, the Gereg put them on the chart and they’ve sold out venues all over the world.

They’ve received critical acclaim from Sir Elton John and have a global appeal. Check out the unique sound of THE HU!