I first heard of Mayday after they sold out 10 shows in Hong Kong in May 2017. The only bands that I can think of that can sell out 10 shows in one month, in the same city are the Grateful Dead and Phish. The music press has dubbed them the “Beatles of the Chinese-speaking world”, packing the Hong Kong Coliseum with 10,000 fans on all 10 nights of their run.

Hailing from Taiwan, the quintet released their first album in 1999 and is comprised of Monster (leader and lead guitar), Ashin (vocalist), Stone (rhythm guitar), Masa (bass) and Ming (drums).

They were originally called the So Band and became Mayday in 1997. There positive lyrics are emotional touching on fans' dreams, first love, young school days and general life themes. Whether in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Mainland China Mayday continues to play to sold out crowds. Not many figures in the Chinese speaking world are revered by people in both China and Taiwan like Sun Yat-sen, but Mayday has united the Chinese speaking world through their music, while global governments and media like to divide us.

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